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August 2022:

Nambi Narayanan talks to Madhu Kishwar

March 2022:

Remembering the great Prof. R. Nagaswamy whose encouragement for this portal inspired all of us.


April 2021: Sivasri Skandaprasad sings about Kannan.

September 2019: Kamba Ramayanam talk on Kumbhakarna by Dr. Priya Ramachandran


Maridhas Shares his Views on the Diversity of Hinduism

February 2018: Interview with Dr. Nagaswamy, Padma Bhushan.

March 2017: Super Power Bharath – A Rediscovery.


January 2017:  Discussion -The Future of Collaborative Music


November 2016: Discussion between Dr. Nagaswamy and Rajiv Malhotra

October 2016: Law & Dharma

January 2016: The Art of Learning

December 2015: Floods


November 2015: Sadir


October 2015: Divya Prabandham

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