Indic Art Through Sketches

TCP is thrilled to present this amazing series of sketches by the artist, Devika Joglekar. You can follow her work on twitter and facebook, and visit the Miheika Art website to learn more.




About the Artist

Devika ji is an award-winning animator, illustrator, and author based in the SFO Bay Area in California. The website notes: “Miheika specializes in Clear Line style illustration and Flash animation. Over the years, Devika has infused life into several childrens’ story books and graphic novels, through her signature illustration and animation work.

TCP recommends the book ‘Mimi and Soni Learn How to Wear a Sari”. A delightful little illustrated story about two little girls who learn how to wear a Sari from Aaji (Grandma in Marathi) for Deepavali, much to the delight and surprise of their moms. A Kindle copy of the book is available at Amazon.

Through these sketches that celebrate India’s unity and diversity, we also recognize the shared heritage between Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra. A bond that was further strengthened by the kings of the Bhosle house, including the great Raja Serfoji 2 who ruled over Thanjavur, an important center of dharma and Indic art.

4 thoughts on “Indic Art Through Sketches

  1. A truly super collection of sketches. They are a full of the soundaryam of our culture. The Bharathanaatyam sketch showed the beauty of our kalacharam especially in the nruthyam. Thank you so much, and may I ask you to please draw more on such topics. We need the younger generation to do such great works. Thank you.

  2. Hi Rajendra, thanks for your comment. I am planning to do children’s book to introduce Indian dance forms. Will post the updates soon on my twitter and Instagram.

  3. You are most welcome. I will look forward to the book review here to share with my near and dear. It is a most auspicious thing you are doing to teach the youth of importance of the culture through these chitras. Thank you.

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